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AQUA Spring Training Program
AQUA Spring Training Program

New Pool Building Trends: How to Stay Ahead of Your Competition

MARCH 12, 2024
9:00AM - 4:00PM

Join us on a journey to learn how new and emerging pool building trends are evolving the pool market and how waterproofing reinforced PVC membranes are becoming the preferred solution for many applications.

During this private event you will gain unique insights, examples of new constructions methods including insulated concrete forms, precast concrete panels, stainless steel panels, shuttered concrete forms, and exclusive tips to help you stay ahead of your market by adding new solutions that will allow you to offer different options to maximize the building season.

You will walk away with takeaways you can immediately incorporate to your business + you’ll have a chance to ask your questions to industry experts and see a live product demo.

Session agenda:


Introduction by RENOLIT:  Tony Jordan   


- New pool building trends: Dustin Buckland + other industry experts 

Taking a closer look to some of the most popular and some of the least known systems used to build swimming pools. Including:

       -  ICF (insulated concrete forms) – This building technique relies on interlocking expanded polystyrene foam blocks to establish a framework for reinforced concrete walls. Includes references from pro-builders and their success stories on using these products.

      -  Pre-cast panels – This relatively new method to the US market, has been widely used in Europe and Australia. Comparing pre-cast complete pool shells to individual panels for two products that find their market space for the rapidly increasing demand for quicker installation turnaround times. In fact, both methods will have a new pool built in one day. Includes references from the manufacturer and pro-builders, and their success stories on using these products.


Shuttered concrete forms – Shuttered reinforced concrete is a technique used in civil engineering to build bridges, hydraulic dams, apartment buildings and so much more. This same shuttered-reinforced concrete system was adapted in Europe for the use in pool construction where it has been used for many years to build thousands of pools. The method has become popular because the formwork panels are easy-to-carry, lightweight and made of galvanized steel that remains integrated into the pool wall and floor structure and help reinforce the concrete. Includes references from the manufacturer.


Free lunch break – 1 hour


Hear it from the experts – NATARE Corporation and their success building stainless steel pools and using reinforced PVC membranes

Speaker: Troy Yoder


  • Case study review. How a commercial PVC membrane system is built: Matt Trout

Taking a closer look at how new pools are built or old pools are renovated with reinforced PVC membranes. This step-by-step explanation will explain how a PVC membrane system is installed, what tools are used and how long the process takes.


  • Live demo – Welding reinforced PVC membranes on-site 

This live demo will show how the material is used and what the training process requires to enable a new builder to incorporate this skill with their team. Product samples will be handed out to the audience.   


Meet the speakers:

Tony Jordan

Tony Jordan has over 35 years of experience in the manufacturing, sales, and application of reinforced PVC pool membranes for commercial and residential use. He is the business development manager at RENOLIT POOL.

Dustin Buckland

Dustin Buckland is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for RENOLIT POOL. With a profound knowledge of the European market, Dustin is now introducing the latest, state-of-the art PVC membrane products to the pool industry in North America. Dustin’s goal is to ensure the market fully understands the potential of these products and to help contractors realize the benefits of weld-in-place membranes.

Troy Yoder

President and CEO of Natare Corporation 

Matt Trout

VP of Operations of Natare Corporation. 

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